At OCETV , we strive to give our customers maximum possibility to create their dream video, photographs and websites at highest quality and affordable price. Every customer gets unique product to reflect their own interest and personality. What makes us unique is to create customized product to showcase our customer's characteristics. Furthermore, our packages offer wide range of needs and budget matching options.


We have many multicultural wedding and event experiences, especially for those customers looking for female woman photographer or videographer services.

Wedding and Event Services


We provide video and photography services for wedding and event at an affordable price with high quality in both products and services. Our services cover wide range of events such as wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, corporate events and festivals etc.


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Business and Other Services


We provide various video and internet hosting services for local businesses, musicians, dancers, athletes and job hunters to promote their business or personal talent. These services include but not limited to business profile, sales and marketing, advertising, training, travel and hotel, sports, music, dance, concert and recital etc.


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We developed an easy to use portable automatic backdrop system, Smart Backdrop System. This backdrop system works great for on-location photography or video production due to its light weight, easy to setup and pack up as well as automatic control features.


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